Love’s Mystery

Shall it be theorized that it is better to love and lost than to never have loved at all?  Can one satisfy current desires with past experiences?  Could it be love is only a mystery with no concrete evidence of existing? Although, there are millions of sited proof.  That distinctive flutter of one’s heart at the thought of their significant other.  That passion seated in the depths of one’s soul that is intrigued with every molecule of matter that comprises the entirety of the one you love.  The way the mind appreciates every breath that is bestowed upon love, every glance that is shared and every obstacle that is conquered.  The selflessness of compromise that meets the selfishness to have-that one- all to themselves.  How dare we argue that love is a mystery! Whether it has shared it’s joys with you is the only thing to be disputed.   How unimaginable it may seem that one has never felt the heart skip a beat, raised hairs upon their skin or a mesmerized state of being at the mere thought of someone else.  That beautiful yet blinding phase beyond infatuation is one to be admired and cherished.  The way we are unable to recognize things as clear as they may be; our inability to recognize things as they are because we translate them to what they should be.  A complex variation of “Love is Blind”.

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Slide in HER DMs

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Amidst culture where it has become “socially unacceptable” to slide in another woman’s DMs for the advancement of friendship and networking is a time that it is most necessary.  With the continued boom of technology and social platforms there has been much exposure to a plethora of women who share your interest; such as, style, perception, career goals and etc.  Yet, we honor dysfunction and continue to dwell in it-with the exception of a few.  This hole has opened doors for innovators to pioneer strictly platonic seeking applications that mimic POF and Tinder.  Although these platforms assure that it is okay to slide in one’s DMs because she is here for the same reasons as you it has not become as popularized as the aforementioned, Tinder and POF.  But what if there was a world where you didn’t require such a platform and any encounter presented opportunity for network and connection?  Well that time is here! Let’s recreate the norm and change the status quo.  Slide in my DMs if it suits you and if there are aligned similarities and/or maybe I possess qualities you could benefit from.  Providing one with growth can be inspiring as well as fulfilling.   The goal being mutually beneficial relationships and a place where the stage is set for unity.

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It is often witnessed that women often see each other as competition instead of partners.  There is strength in numbers and it is absolutely necessary to band together to go further.  This is something we see too often in the black community!  Although there are instances that denote this theory and counteract the norm.  Kudos to you Queens who have already began to break the cycle!  And to those who struggle to accept change just know there is better and the only competition is self.  Black woman I LOVE YOU and I NEED YOU!  Let’s unite and change this cultural flaw.

#BlackWomen #BlackUnity #Network

Generation Wealth

This blog post was inspired by Lauren Greenfield’s documentary Generation Wealth. It truly drives dialogue about a culture that lacks independent thought and is highly driven to anything in excess at it relates to status and success. Gone are the days where necessity bred contentment. In our society, enough is considered lack and more never equates to sustainability.

A major handicap is the desire to look rich rather than the desire to actually acquire wealth. Misplaced priorities and unrealistic standards leaves a society with a disproportioned work life balance. Slogans like “Grind or Starve” and “Secure the bag” create a false sense that long work hours equate success and wealth. When in actuality until we teach ourselves and our offspring how to manage money and appropriate funds long work hours will be just that-LONG WORK HOURS!

Another facet of society’s money trouble is that we struggle to understand the “strength in numbers” concept; especially in the black community. We trail over our dollar and hoard our bucks from each other as if exercising our buying power at “home” somehow lessens our worth. The black economy continues to suffer as our income propels other ethnicities and their businesses. And on the occasion in which we faintly support our own we often complain about pricing, seek discounts and criticize each other’s service etiquette. However, there is no back lash when an African American is followed around a Chinese owned business. There is no demand for price cuts when Starbucks charges upwards of $5 for a cup of foam and there is absolutely no bashing when white America blatantly disregards you as a consumer because, “it doesn’t seem that YOU can afford that.” Just points to consider for buying power and creating wealth minus the obsession of getting rich. Let’s break the cycle of this modern societal norm; let’s first become connoisseurs of financial gain through proper means of acquisition and then we can pass the knowledge of wealth on to the generations to follow.

The stairs

Today I took the stairs

Not quite the ‘scenic route’ but explorative in nature. No shortcuts! I took the stairs. I endured the smell of stale paint, utilized the rusted hand rail and labored in movement. No man made mechanics-just my own abilities. After reaching my destination I was met with frantic individuals pulling and proding at the elevator doors to rescue the trapped people. I could never fathom that the stairs would eliminate anguish. My god those people must be panicking. But I feel free. Inspired! A little extra work prevented chaos in my day. So I chose to take the stairs in my own life. To use my abilities to achieve my goals. To stop and smell the roses or the stale paint. To bare my own burdens. To live! Today I took the stairs. Tomorrow? I’ll let tomorrow worry about itself! I’ll enjoy the fruits of my sweet labor for today I took the stairs!Can I challenge you to take the stairs? Literally if it meets your physical capabilities and metaphorically if you enjoy the smell of stale paint. If you possess the ability to make any view the ‘scenic route’. Today I took the stairs!Grow your perspective! Take the stairs!

Black History?

How is it that a still frame is most pure in black and white? Pictured without blemish. It is strikingly beautiful. Jaw dropping one might say! But in my reality my black is/can be ugly. Hated without reason. Or at least valid reasons! My balance that brings your pictures to life isn’t good enough? This isn’t the “poor me” black girl thing. This is the “breaking barrier” not feeding stereotype Black Woman. Let me be the voice of those who can’t articulate but suffer the same. Allow us 28 days of peace. Spare me “it must’ve been hard” growing up black. Or those pointless walks down memory lane reminding us of the race war we’re still running. Black history month is not a time to worry us about trials and tribulations. Give us 28 days of Black Excellence! Loving the skin I’m in but not confused that I am a NOT my skin! Look beyond! Judge the soul, the character, the human looking back at you and then decide. See the world in a picturesque black and white, not just black and white. Happy Black Excellence month to all!

She is me…

She is lifeless. Drained from her own agony. Numb to her own reality. She chooses not to feel anymore! Have life and love burdened her so much that she’s given up? That could be! She may be lifeless but she’s not dead. She’s ambitious under all her pain. She’s loved through her own self-hate. She is…She was….She shall be….a tale to be encountered. An entity to be explored gracefully.  She decends like an unapologetic whirlwind. What’s next? For how long? Who can ever write the future? Seems more appeasing to rewrite the past!  With my bleeding pen I “X” out the pain and heartache from the past. And once I’m done there’s no life left! So I conclude that the past is the past for a reason. Head high she shall draft her future and execute a happily ever after that she is the author of. She may have been beaten, broken and belittled. But she is strong! She is courageous. She is you…She is me too…

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